Muvi HD 10 No Proof No Glory Limited stock !

Product Code: Muvi HD 10 No Proof No Glory Limited stock !
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Muvi HD 10 No Proof No Glory
the MUVI™ HD10 has full HD 1080p resolution, 4GB Micro SD card and includes helmet mounting bracket. The MUVI™ HD10 also includes a self timer, noise activation, touch panel, digital zoom and ships with a 4GB Micro SD card (upgradable to 32GB) and a 1400mah internal battery that will give 4hrs record time . As well as the rich technical specifications the MUVI™ also comes with a range of sports mounting clips and accessories that enables you to record in almost any situation. Also includes Helmet mounting bracket. Key Features: - HD video image resolution up to 1920 x 1080 at 30 fps - 170 degree wide angle lens to capture all of the footage all of the time - Internal rechargeable lithium battery supporting 4 hours recording and including 4GB microSD card - 1.5 inch viewfinder/review LCD, Touch panel control, Self timer, digital zoom and noise activation - Universal mounting options including flat mount, helmet side mount, body clip, Helmet strap, Velcro fixings - Optional date and time stamp ... This package has just about everything you could need to use it in your vehicle or on your bike

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